In these 4 sentences, at least 2 are lying.
Where is the treasure?

  Chest 1: The treasure is not here.
  Chest 2: The chest 3 is empty.
  Chest 3: The treasure is not in chest 4.
  Chest 4: The chest 2 tells the truth.


Logic riddles inspired by the game of the Porcia's coffers of The Merchant of Venice that Raymond Smullyan says in his book: What Is the Name of This Book?

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Raymond Merril Smullyan (Ray) born in Far Rockaway, New York, in 1919.

American mathematician, concert pianist, logician, philosopher and magician. Author of many books on recreational logic and mathematics. Many of his logic problems are extensions of classic puzzles.

His publications include many books of games and logic puzzles, such as "The lady or the tiger", "Alice in Puzzle-Land" and especially "What is the name of this book?", which has inspired us to create the problems of propositional logic (truth or lie) that appear as riddles in Daily Treasure. Based on the passage from the coffers of Porcia, that Raymond rescues from the Shakespeare's play "The Merchant of Venice", we use a variant in which four chests hide the treasure.

Thank you Ray for showing us that mathematics and logic can be fun.

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